Please read through these questions. Feel free to send us an email if you have any more concerns.

When you see a product you like, you can order it via our website.  We then receive the order.  Once we receive proof of payment, we place the order and start making your product.  Once your product is finished, we will notify you for collection or we will courier it.

We make each product upon request of the client.  Each product is specially made to satisfy the need of the client.

We do NOT do refunds for customized or engraved products.  If your product is not engraved or customized AND the product is in its original condition, we will refund you for your product within 30 days of purchase.

Unfortunately, we rarely have premade stock of our products.  Upon request of the client we make the product from scratch and immediately send it out to the client.

The duration for each product will differ as some products take longer to make than others.  A good estimatioN  is 2 -3 WEEKS from date of payment. However, these periods may be extended OR REDUCED

We courier nationwide.  We use “The Courier Guy.”  When we courier your product, you will receive a waybill/tracking number.  You can use this number to track your parcel.  Courier fees in Gauteng is R85 and outside Gauteng is R125. 

We use genuine cow leather with all our products.

We do not line our products.  We like the raw, authentic feel of the genuine leather in our products.  Lining is optional with an additional fee to be determined with each product.

We can customize the product (i.e. bigger, smaller, additional zip or pocket.). Should you wish to customize your product, you can send us an email via the “Queries” tab, and we can discuss the customization.  It should be noted that the price will differ.

We are working with natural leather products.  No batch of leather will look the same. 

Your leather bag should NOT be treated with “Dubbin” or “Beeswax.”  These products do not soak into the leather and leaves a sticky residue on the leather product.  We recommend any treating products that you would use on a leather couch that does not leave any residue.